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   Life's pretty fucking weird man. I arrived here in Los Angeles back in 05. Couch surfing at first and then lucked out getting on a tour with some buddies in a band and avoided the alternative of heading back east. So took a bad situation and turned it around. I worked my ass off the next 6 years, starting at the bottom begging for assisting jobs, climbing back to shooting some jobs again, and then getting to that point where you're shooting more than assisting. It was finally working out. Quite the difference from being Studio Manager at the corporate studios back home. Life was getting where I had hoped it would get to. On January 24th, 2011 I was riding home on my motorcycle from a pre light and this jackass who wasn’t paying attention to what was going on outside of his SUV, lefted into me as I crossed through an intersection. He especially wasn’t looking for a dude who had the green on the motorcycle.... Well, as I flew through the air, I proceeded to go through the list of what I hadn't done in my life. Then when I landed, I saw that this guy had severed my leg at the shin around 98%. What had just gone through my head turned into a reality. I might be dying. Fortunately I didn't. The LAFD got me to the hospital in record time and the amazing Orthopedic Surgeon on call that night was able to re attach my leg. I got damn lucky.  It's been about 5 and a half years since that night. I've had to learn to walk again, deal with some of the most insane pain, mentally and physically, and beat the odds of keeping a leg the hospital wanted to just take off. The leg will never be the same, nor will I, but with the help of some great friends, I'm slowly getting back to this life I once knew. That's the short version of where I've been the past few years. Getting back to work after being out of the game that long isn't easy at all. This I've come to realize, but check out the images.  There's some of your old favorites still up, but a few new ones since I've decided to pick the camera back up. Hope you dig it and if there's anything I can do for you, just shoot over an email.